Governmental Ethics

Transparency and an ethical government are the expectations. Unfortunately, many legislators in Richmond seem to have forgotten that. Legislators have gerrymandered districts to protect their own power; bills providing transparency into votes have been killed; and legislators are using their seats for personal gain. As a member of the General Assembly, I will not only act with highest standards of integrity, but work to ensure all members are required to do so under law.


Environmental Protection and Public Lands

We live in some of the most beautiful land in our country, and we must protect and preserve it for future generations. This will require common-sense oversight of our natural resources and prioritizing energy that’s sustainable for our community.

Land grabs by private companies for corporate gain are an abuse of eminent domain claims. The welfare of our community, not corporations, should be prioritized. As Delegate, I will work to ensure that property rights are respected, and the health and wellness of the community is prioritized.



A fairly elected government is one of the pillars of our democracy. Gerrymandering, when politicians in power warp legislative districts for their own gain, damages our electoral process, undermines our government, and increases partisan gridlock. Virginia is ranked one of the most gerrymandered states in the country today, which means that very few state elections are competitive, giving the incumbent an almost unbeatable advantage.

As your Representative, I will work to encourage the creation of non-partisan, compact districts to ensure that every voter’s voice is heard equally.



As a former educator, I know firsthand the challenges our teachers and students face. As a mother who raised five children in Virginia public schools, I know the importance of a strong public education system that starts from pre-kindergarten. I will work to ensure strong funding for our schools, and to ensure the neediest are able to learn, I will fight to keep nutritional programs available to ensure hunger isn’t an impediment to learning.


Veterans and the Military

I’ve been part of a military family my entire life. I was born on the military base where my father served, and my husband had a distinguished career in the military. I am now a proud Blue Star mother, with two children serving as pilots and officers in the Air Force. I understand what it means to be a military daughter, wife, and mother. I will labor to support veterans, active service members, and their families because it is our obligation to support those who defend us.