Angela at Rally4Trains: “It’s about jobs.”

Angela Lynn joined the Rally4Trains in protesting against proposed cuts that would eliminate passenger rail to Staunton and cut service to Charlottesville by two thirds, according to VHSR officials.

In an interview, Angela noted that her husband, an airline pilot based in New York, sometimes has to use the train to report to a city he is flying out of when the weather prohibits him traveling by plane.

“It’s also about getting people to work. It’s about jobs,” she said.

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Press Release: Angela Lynn, progressive candidate for House of Delegates, strongly condemns the General Assembly’s failure to expand Medicaid

The State Assembly’s Republicans’ refusal to expand Medicaid coverage across Virginia is fiscally and morally irresponsible, and displays a callous disregard for Virginia’s most vulnerable. Expanding Medicaid would insure around 400,000 Virginians who are currently without healthcare, often at times of greatest need.

Pipeline protest in Stuarts Draft

An anti-pipeline group in Augusta County continues their fight against the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. The protest happening along the path of the proposed pipeline route. Dozens of people rallied at the Stuarts Draft farmer’s market today. The group Friends of Augusta listened to many guest speakers, including house of delegates candidate Angela Lynn and the mother of gubernatorial candidate Tom Perriello.