Senator Tim Kaine Endorses Angela Lynn

Virginia senator and Vice Presidential candidate Tim Kaine endorsed Angela Lynn as candidate for Delegate of Virginia’s 25th District.

“In the 25th district House of Delegates race, the choice for Virginians is clear- which is why I’m proud to endorse Angela Lynn. A teacher and community leader, Angela believes every voice deserves to be heard, no matter their political party, background, or income. People trust Angela because she shows up, listens to their concerns, and is committed to truly representing them in Richmond. She is a principled leader who is speaking out to defend working families, our natural environment, and the voices of the marginalized and under-represented,” Senator Kaine said.

During his tenure as Mayor of Richmond, Lieutenant Governor, Governor, Senator, and candidate for Vice President, Tim Kaine has worked on behalf of the needs of rural Virginians. “He has been a champion on protecting our environment, ensuring our children receive the best education possible and strengthening our economy,” Lynn said. Angela and Tim are proud to fight together to expand Medicaid to this largely rural district, strengthen public schools, and clean up Virginia’s air and water.

Angela Lynn at Senior Statesmen Forum “Voting is the one thing that makes us all equal”

Charlottesville, VA–Wednesday, September 13th the Senior Statesmen of Virginia held a forum between Steve Landes and Angela Lynn. The candidates had a chance to answer questions about the Charlottesville-Albemarle County revenue-sharing agreement, voter ID laws, public education and gerrymandering. On voter ID laws, both Landes and Bell argued that requiring voters to show photo ID at the polls is a great way of preventing voter fraud. Lynn argued that the issue today is not voter fraud but getting people out to vote.

“A vote is the one thing that makes us equal,” she said. “It crosses over socio-economic lines, it knows no boundaries with race or gender or any of those things that make us feel that we aren’t as powerful as another person. But if we’re not all capable of being able to do it, then that would be stripping us of a fundamental right and a pillar of our democracy.”

In her closing remarks Lynn added “I really am the candidate for the 21st century. I don’t believe we need to go back; I think we need to go forward.”

You can read the article in full here.

Join Angela Lynn and Lt. Gov. Candidate Justin Fairfax

Wednesday, September 20th Angela Lynn and special guest Justin Fairfax will be having an event at Champion Brewing located at 324 6th St SE, Charlottesville, VA 22902. The event will take place from 5:00 – 7:00 p.m. Food will be provided and drinks will be available for purchase.

Tickets can be purchased here or a check can be sent to PO Box 1294, Crozet, Virginia 22932 with the memo line “Fairfax”

If you would like to pay at the door please RSVP to

I hope to see you all there!



LGBT Democrats of Virginia Endorse Angela Lynn

August 29th the LGBT Democrats of Virginia announced their endorsement for Angela Lynn for Delegate of the 25th District. LGBT Democrats presents issues and acts as an advocate for LGBT persons within the Democratic Party of Virginia, encourage participation of LGBT persons in the party and raises awareness of LGBT issues in the Commonwealth and the Democratic Party of Virginia.

“I am very honored to be endorsed by the LGBT Democrats of Virginia. The LGBT Democrats do wonderful work standing up for members of the LGBT community. I have always stood up for the rights of the LGBT community and will continue to do so as Delegate. I will ensure members of the LGBT community are protected from discrimination, and all Virginians are treated fairly and equally under the law”

Angela Lynn at DEQ Hearing: “The Trust is Not There”

Monday, August 7th the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) held the first of three public hearings on the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. Hundreds of concerned citizens, including Angela Lynn, were in attendance to listen to what the DEQ and members of the community had to say about the proposed pipeline, but there were no elected officials to be seen. Speaking with News Leader, Angela said she believes the DEQ pipeline approval process has “cut corners” and has been “fast-tracked,” pointing to the combination of the environmental review of sediment control with the review of storm water management as an example of that.

You can read the full story here

Justin Fairfax Endorses Angela Lynn for Delegate

Yesterday, Democratic Candidate for Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax endorsed Angela Lynn for Delegate of the 25th District:

“I am pleased to announce my endorsement of Angela Lynn for Delegate of the 25th District. Angela Lynn is a dedicated public servant who has served the community as a public school teacher, a FEMA Recovery Specialist, and a member of numerous boards and authorities. She is a tireless advocate for Medicaid expansion, strong public schools, and clean air and water, and will fight for her constituents and work for the greater good in the House of Delegates.  The future of our Commonwealth is at stake and I look forward to working with Angela in Richmond to create more economic security and opportunity and a brighter future for all Virginians.”

Angela at Rally4Trains: “It’s about jobs.”

Angela Lynn joined the Rally4Trains in protesting against proposed cuts that would eliminate passenger rail to Staunton and cut service to Charlottesville by two thirds, according to VHSR officials.

In an interview, Angela noted that her husband, an airline pilot based in New York, sometimes has to use the train to report to a city he is flying out of when the weather prohibits him traveling by plane.

“It’s also about getting people to work. It’s about jobs,” she said.

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Press Release: Angela Lynn, progressive candidate for House of Delegates, strongly condemns the General Assembly’s failure to expand Medicaid

The State Assembly’s Republicans’ refusal to expand Medicaid coverage across Virginia is fiscally and morally irresponsible, and displays a callous disregard for Virginia’s most vulnerable. Expanding Medicaid would insure around 400,000 Virginians who are currently without healthcare, often at times of greatest need.